D.C. Circuit Appeal Win

CGL wins D.C. Circuit appeal, denying immunity to Pan American Health Organization for human trafficking of Cuban doctors. The 3-0 decision marks the first time a federal appellate court has ever held that an international organization’s immunity in U.S. Courts cannot not cover commercial acts related to forced labor. The panel upheld CGL’s position that [...]

Forced Labor of Cuban Doctors – Trafficking Victims Protection Act

Matos Rodriguez, et al., v. Pan American Health Organization, et al., Case No. 20-cv-928 (U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia) In 2013, Cuban doctors and medical professionals were involuntarily shipped abroad and forced to work under threats against themselves and their families. In Brazil, the doctors were kept in compounds under strict surveillance. [...]

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Strip Search Cases

We served as co-lead counsel in numerous class actions on behalf of individuals who were strip searched in county jails after being arrested for minor crimes. These cases included invasions of privacy that the courts then regarded as illegal. Significantly, the Supreme Court interpreted the Constitution's Fourth Amendment more narrowly than nearly all federal appellate [...]

Mid-western Retail Convenience Store Managers Recover $13.1 million in Overtime

For tens of thousands of employees of a retail convenience store chain operating in the mid-western states, we won a significant amount of overtime compensation due them for their "off-the-clock" work. This $13.1 million settlement is one of the largest ever achieved in a case of this kind in the Midwest.

Hungarian Gold Train

CGL represented Hungarian Holocaust survivors whose property found on the "Gold Train" in the final days of World War II was appropriated by the U.S. government. We served as co-lead counsel in this landmark class-action Rosner v. United States which alleged that the plaintiffs' personal property was loaded on a train by the Hungarian Nazi [...]

Supreme Court Upholds Miranda Rights

The House Democratic Leadership retained CGL to represent it in the Supreme Court case Dickerson v. United States, on the constitutionality of Miranda rights. The issue was whether a provision of a bill passed by Congress had overturned the Supreme Court's ruling in Miranda v. Arizona, which established the constitutionality of "Mirandizing" suspects. In an [...]

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