California Teletax Cases

Together with other law firms, Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP, prosecuted three cases against the City and County of Los Angeles, as well as the City of Long Beach concerning wrongfully imposed excise taxes on telephone service.  After ten years of hard fought litigation, those cases resulted in more than $100 million being available to [...]

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Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

In American Small Business League vs. Department of Defense (N.D. Cal. 2018), Mr. Cuneo and Ms. Miller, representing a small business advocacy group, recently prevailed in an action brought under the Freedom of Information Act seeking public disclosure of information concerning Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation’s small business subcontracting practices.  The Court, in determining that CGL’s client was entitled [...]

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Winstar Cases

Mr. Cynkar, while at another firm, was part of the team that brought, and prosecuted through the Supreme Court, the landmark United States v. Winstar case. Federal regulators, in an effort to reduce their insurance liabilities for failing savings and loans during that industry's financial crisis, had entered into agreements with the Winstar plaintiffs to [...]

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Ameren Union Electric Co.

We were part of a team representing AmerenUE in In the Matter of Union Electric Co., the largest electric utility in Missouri, in a major rate case. We dealt with a broad range of regulatory and constitutional issues, including the relationship between federal and state regulatory jurisdiction, the protection of contract rights, and the taking [...]

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