On December 27, 2017, CGL and three other firms filed a massive derivative and taxpayer suit to protect the Kentucky Retirement System. The Plaintiffs in the case are participants in the plan; the Defendants include three large hedge fund sellers as well as advisors to the plan..

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Pamela Gilbert comments on the record of President Trump's nominee to chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the New York Times. 12/07/2017.

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Fight Night to Benefit YCS

Jon Cuneo, Pam Gilbert and Charles LaDuca thank all the CGL personnel and others who made the May 2 Fight Night such a success.  Collectively, we raised over $20,000 for YCS.  YCS itself raised over $100,000.  It was a fun night for all with some fantastic amateur boxing.

Below are three sets of photos of the Cooney-Cuneo three round fight, which was the last fight of the evening in front of approximately 500 spectators.

The first set of photos were taken on phones and cameras by CGL personnel and/or spouses and friends.

The second set of photographs were taken by Newark Star-Ledger photographer Andre Malok.  They were taken for a front page Newark Star-Ledger article on Larry Holmes and Gerry Cooney 33 years after their epic fight.  The theme of the story is that both Holmes and Cooney have used their celebrity and skills to help their communities through charitable works while raising great families. Read the original story here.

The third set were taken by professional photographers Joe DiMaggio and JoAnne Kalish, experienced sports and boxing photographers who have photographed many of Cooney’s fights.


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