WEN: Settlement Final

WEN: Settlement Final On December 29, 2017, the final two appeals were dismissed and the Settlement became final.  Checks were mailed to all Tier 1 claimants by January 12, 2018.  WEN settlement checks will be mailed to all Tier 2 claimants on or before March 9, 2018.

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Kentucky Retirement System

On December 27, 2017, CGL and three other firms filed a massive derivative and taxpayer suit to protect the Kentucky Retirement System. The Plaintiffs in the case are participants in the plan; the Defendants include three large hedge fund sellers as well as advisors to the plan. The Kentucky Retirement System Law Suit is potentially [...]

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Product Safety Commission

Pamela Gilbert comments on the record of President Trump's nominee to chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the New York Times. Read Article

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Pamela Gilbert is quoted in two articles on House passage of legislation that would make it virtually impossible to bring class action lawsuits against corporate wrongdoers. 03/10/2017 Read Article  

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Pamela Gilbert Quoted in Last of Three BNA Articles

Pamela Gilbert is quoted about President Trump’s positions on civil justice legislation pending in Congress in the third and final BNA article on legislation to weaken the civil justice system. Read Article  

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