CGL brought a series of class actions against operators of toll roads throughout the state of California, alleging that that those entities improperly shared drivers’ Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) in violation of California law. Two of the four cases have been settled and two more are currently in active litigation.

These cases include:

In re Toll Roads Litigation, No. 8:16-cv-00262-ODW (ADSx) (C.D. Cal.) (Settlement finally approved)

Quintero v. SANDAG, No. 37-2019-00017834-CU-NP-CTL (San Diego County Superior Court) (Settlement finally approved)

Avelar v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, et al., No. 19STCV11537 (Los Angeles County Superior Court).

In re Toll Bridges Litigation, No. CGC-17-562613 (San Francisco County Superior Court – Complex Division)

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