George v. Uponor, Inc. et al., Case. No. 0:12-cv-00249, (U.S. District Court for the district of Minnesota).

We have brought a class action against Uponor alleging that it designs and sells defective Yellow Brass Fittings and components made from high zinc content brass that were defectively designed and prematurely corrode when drinking water runs through them.  The lawsuit also claims that when the high zinc content brass is exposed to this water over time, it becomes blocked, cracks, weeps, seeps, and/or leaks and may affect water supply.  Information available to the Plaintiffs suggests that Uponor’s Yellow Brass Fittings may have been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes and buildings.

UPDATE: On September 9, 2015, the District Court for Minnesota granted final approval of a common fund settlement.  The fund will reimburse purchasers for eligible previous repairs and/or future repairs or replacement costs relating to leaks or flow issues along with related property damage.  Uponor will also provide an extended warranty for eligible property damage and water flow issues.  The maximum Uponor will pay for the Settlement is $21 million. For more information about our settlement, please check out the settlement website at:

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