Eliason et al. v. Gentek Building Products, et al., Case. No. 1:10-cv-2093 (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio).

We are co-lead counsel in a nationwide class action against Gentek Building Products, Inc., a leading manufacture of vinyl, aluminum and steel siding products.

Our lawsuits allege that Gentek steel and aluminum siding was produced with a defect that makes it prone to chipping, cracking, breaking, peeling and/or fading prematurely. Such defects can be expensive to repair and reduce the value of a home significantly. Additionally, our lawsuits allege that Gentek has failed to honor the terms of its warranty, and refused to repair, replace or refinish their defective siding as promised.

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UPDATE: August 1, 2013, the District Court for Northern District of Ohio granted final approval of a settlement relating to all claims in this lawsuit.  For further information, go to: www.steelsidingsettlement.com.